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Competition The Connected City Design Challenge

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Submission: September 19, 2013
Registration: September 12, 2013
Language: English
Location: Dallas, USA
Professional Prizes:
1st Prize $50.000     2nd Prize $50.000    3rd Prize $50.000
Open Prizes: 4 Prizes of $5.000 each
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students in two streams: Professional and Open

International architecture competition Connected City Design Challenge that is a competitive effort to discover a truly great idea capable of building connection between Downtown Dallas and the Trinity River. The effort is structured using two distinct idea streams or entry categories: a professional stream and an open stream. Each stream will have its own unique submittal requirements, awards, and winners selected through a public vote and esteemed jury.

Dallas’ key urban assets, Downtown and the Trinity River, are experiencing rebirth and rejuvenation, lifting the city’s quality of life and sense of place. Downtown Dallas is emerging as a vibrant collection of neighborhoods, and the Trinity River Corridor is transforming from floodway to public space. Existing patterns between downtown and the river offer no natural or inviting way of connecting Downtown to the planned Trinity River Corridor Park.

The existing conditions between downtown and our river are the result of a collection of independent infrastructure and development decisions made over the past century. Priorities for needed flood control and regional mobility have built a physical condition presenting a challenge to advancing the future priority of connecting these two urban assets.

The Connected City Design Competition seeks bold design solutions connecting our Downtown and Trinity River overcoming the physical, psychological, and economic divide existing today. We are poised to realize a truly connected and livable future.

Objectives + Design Program

  • Enhance major spine connections, providing pedestrian-scale amenities.
  • Discover new ways to develop along the levee to support the Trinity’s grand public space.
  • Develop small, incremental pedestrian nodes as the beginning of new anchors for the area.
  • Enhance existing and introduce new spaces dominated by green and water elements to create an enjoyable experience leading to and from the river.
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