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Competition Micro House Ideas

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Architecture competition for students
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Submission: May 1, 2013
Registration: May 1, 2013
Language: English
Location: Denver, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize $3.000 $     2nd Prize $1.000     3rd Prize $500
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students

International ideas competition organised by the members of the Denver Architectural League and invites you to share your ideas on the design of a new housing typology, an 8 unit micro housing complex. The  site, located near 3457 Ringsby Court, is across from the entrance into Denver’s well known TAXI community and provides an opportunity for designers to explore and celebrate the following:

– Entrance identity for the TAXI Community
– Public access to the river for recreation
– Affordable housing design
– Modularity and prefabrication
– “Thriveability” as it relates to natural ecologies and human modes of life
– Appropriate use of technology, materials and building systems
This is an ideas competition inspired by a concern about the lack of innovation evident in Denver’s existing multi-family housing market where many banal apartment, townhouse and condominium complexes are springing up throughout the area.  With this competition, designers have the opportunity to explore the future, question the past and re-invent the notion of responsible affordable housing with an emphasis on thriveability and regenerative design.
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