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Competition Spitalacker School in Bern

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Architecture competition
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Submission: May 29, 2013
Registration: May 29, 2013
Language: Deutsch
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Prizes: A total of CHF155.000 (€126.000) in prizes
Type: Open competition for architects

International architectural competition for the expansion of the Spitalacker school in Bern.

On the plot of 16,000 m2 between Gotthelf, Victoria, and Blumenbergstrasse Spitalacker there are several existing buildings and outdoor facilities, all owned by the city of Bern. Due to the physical regeneration needs after the transfer of the fire station, was declared the need a new convincing architectural solution for the following areas that are requested as part of the contest:
– Use school (basic and music classes)
– Base for street cleaning
– Fitness
– Changing sports
– Health Center

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