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Competition New School Lugnorre

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Architecture competition
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Submission: June 28, 2013
Registration: May 31, 2013
Language: French
Location: Haut-Vully, Switzerland
Prizes: A total of CHF90.000 (€74.000) in prizes
Type: Open competition for architects.

Architectural competition organized by the city of Haut-Vully that plans to build a new school and the transformation of existing schools to meet the needs of demographic change.

The aim of the competition is to build Lugnorre School in plots 301 and 306, taking into account the limitations of the area, in a new building in addition to the existing school in order to distribute the whole program and to accommodate five primary classes and other rooms. It is adecision of the participants to design the buildings into one entity or make two separate entities. The transformation of the existing school will provide a minimal intervention to preserve and perpetuate the existing character of the building without losing their morphological and typological.

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