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Competition Elementary school in Offenburg

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Restricted architecture competition for architects

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Application Submission: June 25, 2013
Language: Deutsche
Location: Offenburg, Germany
Prizes: 1st Prize € 14.000     2nd Prize € 9.000    3rd Prize € 6.000    Recognitions € 7.000
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 25 teams selected.

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Restricted competition for the construction of a elementary school in the german town of Offenburg.

The city of Offenburg due to school development, promotes the construction of a new school building in the Erich-Kästnerschule Anne Frank, and this also means the restructuring of existing buildings. The school is located within Area Conversion La Horie. It is a 2-storey primary school with care rooms and a cafeteria, with a net area of ​​approximately 2100 m². The plot of the competition has a size of about 6 700m ².


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