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Architecture competition
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Submission: July 15, 2013
Registration: July 15, 2013
Language: English and Spanish
Location: Mendoza, Argentina
Prizes: 5 Prizes of $1.000 each for the finalists     1st Prize $15.000 $
Type: Open competition for architects and designers in two stages.

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International architecture contest of architectural ideas and crowd design to build the first stage of the project, which comprises a restaurant, a meeting place and a work of art for both venues.

Mendoza Art District (MAD) is a new and creative concept, an innovative way of understanding art and its relationship to nature. Its aim is to alter our perceptive and creative approach to things.

The Province of Mendoza, Argentina, in South America, has been chosen as the privileged location to launch the first real-estate crowdsourcing project as a tribute to its winemaking heritage.

We are planning to create a unique space, a resort that will enhance the power of its surrounding natural beauty in the stunning setting of the Cordillera de los Andes and the vineyards, in one of theeight wine capitals of the world,. This traditional landscape is an essential spot for any visitor coming to the province.

The most important cities worldwide are recognized and remembered for their symbols. MAD seeks to create a trademark that combines the regional spirit with the spontaneous creations of the global man in order for it to become a representative icon of this wine producing land.

The core of the MAD Project is creative freedom. We are looking to find a radical and disruptive proposal.

The project offers several options for the participation and integration of ideas and it is open to creative people in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art.

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