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Architecture restricted competition
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Application Submission: May 15, 2013
Language: Deutsch
Location: Köln, Germany
Prizes: 1st Prize 35.000 €     2nd Prize 25.000 €    3rd Prize 15.000 €    4th Prize 10.000 €    2 recognitions of  €7.500 each.
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 28 teams selected.

Restricted competition for the expansion and general refurbishment of the Museum of the City of Köln, in Germany.

The project is for the expansion of the Museum of the City of Köln to the west of the city(approximately 1,800 square meters) and the renovation of the existing protected building (approximately 40,000 cubic meters) that needs to be reset.

The estimated construction costs are around € 18 million.


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