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Architecture restricted competition
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Application Submission: June 3, 2013
Language: French
Location: Aubervilliers, France
Prizes: € 60.000 for each selected team.
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 4 teams selected.

Restricted competition for the design and construction of school complex in Port Chemin Vert, in the city of Aubervilliers, France.

The purpose of this competition is the architectural, technical and landscape design of a school comprising: a primary school of 13 classrooms (about 299 students) a kindergarten for 11 classrooms (approximately 275 students), a health and maternity basic services and leisure area (220 students with restaurant), and the official residence.

The total area of the equipment is of 4,150 square meters and 3,230 square meters of outdoor spaces.

The budget is estimated at 14.8 million euros HT.


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