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Competition Changing the Face 2013 Rotunda Warsaw

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Architecture competition

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Submission: August 19, 2013
Registration: July 15, 2013
Language: English
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 15.500     Finalists Prize $ 4.600
Type: Open competition for architects in two phases.

International architecture competition to modernize and reface the existing Rotunda building, while creating an inviting public space around the Warsaw icon.

Participants will remake the existing structure while maintaining its iconic form and status as a focal point in the city-center of Warsaw. Focus will be placed on integrating the structure with its surrounding urban fabric, as well as developing innovative sustainable design solutions to bring the historic icon into the 21st century.

Beyond maintaining the historic qualities of Rotunda building, the modernization is planned to be ceritified with two out three systems – LEED, BREEAM or DGNB.

The objectives of the competition are separated into two phases.

 Phase I:

In phase I, the Contestants will prepare a schematic design proposal for the program that addresses the following:

  • The development of the site, displaying the functional and spatial relationships with the public spaces in the immediate environment.
  • The architectural modernization of the ROTUNDA Building, taking into account the project programme requirements and guidelines.