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Architecture competition

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Submission: September 20, 2013
Registration: August 6, 2013
Language: Russian
Location: Samara, Russia
Prizes: 1st Prize 4.500.000 Rubles  (€103.000)     2nd Prize 1.500.000 Rubles  (€35.000)     3rd Prize 750.000 Rublas  (€17.000)
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages

International architecture competition in two stages ZIM Contest, which subject is the implementation of the project “The concept of ZIM (Maslennikov Plant) area development in Samara” that meets the requirements set out in Art. 7, Art. 8, and Art. 9 hereof.

Competition Project shall mean a set of urban planning, architectural and space-planning parts of the design documents containing architectural solutions that comprehensively take into account social, economic, functional, engineering, technical, firefighting, sanitation, environmental, architectural and artistic and other requirements to the construction object(s) and area, including those set out herein, and the preparation of which requires the participation of an architect.

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The Competition for the best project ZIM (Maslennikov Plant) area development in Samara” shall be carried out with the aim to:

  •  identify architectural ideas and solutions for the best way to use the potential of the territory at optimum combined implementation of modern building technologies, materials and elements with their cost effectiveness and actual applicability;
  • identify the best functional and design solutions for the area development;
  • determine the effectiveness of capital investments into the project development;
  • identify the best solution for the functional use of the area;

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