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Competition Generation Kingspan 2013

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Students ideas competition

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Submission: November 14, 2013
Registration: November 14, 2013
Language: English
Location: Washington DC, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 5.000     2nd Prize $ 4.000    3rd Prize $ 3.000    2 x Aditional Prize $ 4.000
Type: Open competition for architecture students

International ideas competition Kingspan®, that is a global manufacturer of insulated metal panels (IMPs) and other innovative building products, whose growth is leading the way to the future of the building industry. Generation Kingspan™ (Gen K) student participants will design an urban mid-rise, mixed-use complex with retail, commercial office and residential live-work units. The project site is in Washington, DC within a neighborhood that provides access to cultural and entertainment venues. Students investigate how façade systems utilizing IMP can be integrated into the design of an urban mixed-use building. Participants will compete for prizes by submitting their best, most innovative designs for this facility with the following criterion in mind:

  • Design Concept
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Overall Sustainability

Entrants may receive prizes based on their entry in one of two ways. The first will be through a judged competition where industry professionals will evaluate and rank the entries. The second will be through an online voting competition where site visitors can vote using a social badging methodology.

Prizes include cash prizes for students and their faculty sponsors along with media coverage in publications.

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