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Competition Changing Course

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International design competition

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Submission: October 25, 2013
Registration: October 4, 2013
Language: English
Location: Louisiana, USA
Prizes: $400.000 for each selected team for the second stage.
Type: Open competition for architects in two stages

International design competition Changing Course, that with the support and participation of the State of Louisiana and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will harness the best expertise of the private sector to develop and assess new designs for the Lower Mississippi River (below New Orleans) through a competitive process that will allow for creativity and flexibility that could not be achieved in a formal government process.

Changing Course invites teams of internationally prominent engineers, coastal scientists, planners, and designers to develop visions for a self-sustaining Delta landscape. Our brief to the teams is clear: they must restore the Mississippi River’s natural land-building capacity as part of a self-sustaining coastal ecosystem and must continue to support the high-functioning navigation system in the lower river.

The teams will be commissioned to create innovative—and implementable—solutions. Their design and river management solutions will build on the State’s Master Plan, maximizing use of the River’s freshwater and sediment for land-building while achieving the best outcomes for navigation, ecosystem restoration, flood management, socio-economic issues, and sustainable community development. Proposed solutions must allow for the continuing operation of river-based navigation during any construction or alignment phase.