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Competition perFORM 2014

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Architecture students competition

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Submission: March 24, 2014
Registration: March 24, 2014
Language: English
Location: Seattle, USA.
Prizes: Group: 1st Prize $ 2.000     2nd Prize $ 1.000     Individual: 1st Prize $ 1.000     2nd Prize $ 500     Intern: 1st Prize $ 1.000     2nd Prize $ 500
Type: Open competition for architecture students.

International ideas competition for architecture students to design a single-family house for a family of four with a low-load energy use intensity. The target design load is less than 4.75 KBTU/SF/Year. The site for the hypothetical home is located at 4219 2nd Ave. NE, in Seattle, Washington. Latitude: 47.6584, Longitude: -122.3275.

Submissions will be judged in two main categories: Energy and Design.

  • Energy. Submissions must include a performance analysis using the perFORM Energy Verification Tool, but can be supplemented by analysis from an alternate energy modeling resource. The energy target is < 4.75 KBTU/SF/Year, though entries that do not reach this level of performance will still be considered. Judges may award additional credit for submissions that perform better than the target. Envelope design should be the driver of energy use. However, mass and glass approaches will be considered with the submission of supporting analytical documentation (i.e. alternate energy modeling).
  • Design
    Submissions will be judged on resourcefulness, replicability, and beauty.

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