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Competition Puerta del Sol in Madrid

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Architecture competition in Madrid

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Submission: December 12, 2013
Registration: October 28, 2013
Language: Spanish
Location: Romr, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize € 24.000     2nd Prize € 9.000    3rd Prize € 6.000
Type: Open competition for architects

Architecture competition that aims at the definition of the intervention strategy for the management of public space around the Plaza del Sol in Madrid, based on several criteria , trying not only to solve a snapshot but to propose the possible evolutions of the square, giving to SOL an unitary solution for the future.

Recently , the City of Madrid considered appropriate to review the management strategies and activity of the square, including the implementation of a hospitality kiosk with a terrace. One of its primary objectives to raise the proposal was to ensure design quality and their integration into the urban environment of this unique emplacement, asking the College of Architects of Madrid their collaboration to the call for an ideas contest that help achieve the objectives .

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This invitation to tender may attend all architects , Spanish or not, individually or in teams , which may be interdisciplinary . Participation is also envisaged , under the same conditions , to legal entities whose social purposes correspond to the object of the competition . In both cases, the team manager will be an architect , which will appear as the author responsible for all purposes of the contest.

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