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AIA Indiana Architectural Competition

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AIA Indiana Architectural Competition

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Submission: December 15, 2013
Registration: December 15, 2013
Language: English
Location: Evansville, USA
Prizes: 1st Prize $ 500     2nd Prize $ 150    3rd Prize $ 100
Type: Open competition for architecture students

International ideas competition to explore the intrinsic differences between designers and how they approach creative challenges. We ask designers (students, interns, architects and artists) to collaborate with us to create designs for an urban lot in the downtown of Evansville at the corner of Adams and 2nd street.

This lot is known as Haynie’s Corner and is historically significant and serves an important anchor of the Art District. We do not own this lot, and we are not seeking legitimate proposals for things to do with it – the site is just a representation of a common design problem in urban areas. Rather, by asking all of the designers to approach precisely the same problem using the same format, we seek to draw a contrast between the designs themselves.

Its up to you what to propose. It could be a house, a business, a tower, a park, an installation piece….

Designers can decide to keep the existing structure and modify it, or demolish the building and start with a blank slate.