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Competition Viale Fazio

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Competition Viale Fazio

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Submission: March 15, 2014
Registration: March 15, 2014
Language: Italian
Location: Marsala, Italy
Prizes: 1st Prize € 30.000
Type: Open competition for architects.

Ideas Competition organized by the city of Marsala in Italy for the redevelopment of the urban area of ​​Viale Fazio, including the extension of the avenue in front of the Via Roma.

The project intervention may consist essentially in the design of appropriate street furniture to enhance the avenue for the use of pedestrians and solving the gap between the urban part of the city and natural shopping center, turning the place into the junction between Via Roma, the center of the shopping area, and the existing and parking area.

The competition aims to select the best proposals that connect harmoniously with the nature of space without neglecting the practical feasibility in terms of cost reduction.

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