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Submission: August 31, 2014
Registration: June 30, 2014
Language: English or Russian
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Prizes: 1st Prize Design Comission + $ 10.000     2nd Prize $ 7.500    3rd Prize $ 5.000
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students in two stages with 10 selected teams for the second stage.

International competition for the architectural design of the simbolic object of the Novosibirsk urban environment dedicated to the russian avant-garde.

The architects, designers, artists (individuals and teams) are invited to take part in the competition. Allow the participation of students of higher education institutions as a part of professional project team. The First round is anonymous. submissions are given under an identification code.

This task includes landscaping the area around this object in such a way that it is possible to use all year round for public events such as exhibitions, open-air concerts, theatrical performances ect. it is desirable to leave a green areas boundary in the existing boundaries and give suggestions for further planting within them.

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