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YARKYFEST Architecture Competition

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YARKYFEST Architecture Competition

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Submission: June 10, 2014
Registration: June 1, 2014
Language: English or Russian
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Prizes: 5 Prizes of 100.000 Rubles ($ 3.000) each.
Type: Open competition for young architects (under 35) in two stages with 10 selected teams on the first stage.

Project Baltia magazine and Yarky Hostel & Space (hereinafter the Hostel) announce the Open International Competition for the Design of Summer Residential Unit (hereinafter the Competition). Five winning projects will be implemented on the territory of the Hostel by August 2, 2014. The units should enable temporary accommodation for one or two persons. Functions of these units are similar to those of a hotel room.

The competition has two stages. During stage 1 the Expert Council shortlists 10 best projects. The authors will be asked to modify their projects in accordance with the requirements and comments, received from the Expert Council. During stage 2 best 5 projects will be implemented on the Hostel territory.

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