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Restricted Competition for the Development of a Strategy for the Voronezh Sea

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Concurso restringido para el Desarrollo de una Estrategia para el Mar de Voronezh

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Application Submission: June 26, 2014
Language: English or Russian
Location: Voronezh, Russia
Prizes: 1st Prize 200.000 Rubles (4.200€)        Fee for the second round: 200.000 Rubles (4.200€) (4 Teams)        Fee for the third round: 750.000 Rubles (15.700€) (2 Teams)
Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 4 teams selected.

Restricted competition to develop a strategy for the renovation of the Reservoir based on the vision of the design team and the results of the Open Ideas Competition.

This strategy will concern the whole reservoir. It should include proposals to: liquidate the shallow parts of the reservoir, improve water quality, prevent untreated water flow into the reservoir and improvement of the charackter of the reservoir so it will be an attractive and meaningful place for the city.

The proposals should include chapters on the economic and technical feasibility of the strategy and a road map for its implementation.

The closed competition is only eligible for teams of urbanists, landscape architects and ecologists with experience in tasks of comparable scope and complexity. It is possible to take part both in the portfolio selection and the ideas competition with the restriction that the team selected for the second round of the Closed Competition will be excluded from participation in the Open ideas competition. Projects for the Open ideas competition should not be part of the portfolio. If this is the case they will be disqualified for the Open ideas competition.

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