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Inside the Cricle Design Competition

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The growing issue of homeless people around the world is one that needs to tackled on the urge. As our cities grow, each of them are occupied by a diverse narrative of migrants who make the city their home. A large majority of the people over the world that affordable home. There are various issues related to it for the affordability. The people becomes homeless due to n number of issues which includes the overpopulation, the natural disaster which made their homes left destroyed and so. The situation is worst in lower and middle income countries, where some cities are growing so quickly that it is not possible to build out services and infrastructure fast enough to accommodate new arrivals. As a designer we are the one who design bright future for the world.

We are looking for the best solution that the world is facing. The focus area of design can be related to the major issues like affordability, rehabilitation, population explosion,homelessness . Moreover if you could address any other important one, you may.We here in this competition giving the opportunity to view the next generation housing from the tiny circular space.

Building in the circle tends to entitle the context of designing the tiny livable space in the concrete pipe. There are many places in the urban where it is impossible to built due to lack of space, even there the next generation housing could fit in. The pipe becomes the perfect structure to meet the issues. The pipe is 2.5 – 3 m. Long, 2.4 m in Diameter

We accept designs with an unconventional approach. There is no limit or boundaries. Participants can choose area within your locality or any. We are looking for creative design ideas for a livable tiny space. Since the competition is a design exercise, the bye-laws and rules of the particular selected area may be ignored. Participants are free to select a site for their project. The designed solution should strike a dialogue with its surroundings.The pipe themselves should be designed to become disruptive and the solutions crafted should be adaptable to the changing demographically dynamics of the site. The design should also respond to the site context selected. The design model can be prototype that can be replicated at other locations. The participants are to challenge for creative design ideas for a livable tiny space.​
Living space
Sleeping space
Kitchen Bathroom.​
These elements can overlap/double-up/etc due to space constraints.Additional elements are welcome which is up-to your imagination.The number of pipe can be taken as per your Requirement.
We judge the design on

What ?We are looking for Floor plans to show the interior spatial arrangements and program.Section and elevation of your design3d view and renders to portrait your ideas Drawings that illustrates innovative details or integrated aspects All drawings should be presented at a scale appropriate for the design solution and include a graphic scale for reference.We are not looking for piles of sheets, rather concise your ideas into not more than 5 A4 sheets.When?The submissions are to be provided on or before the mentioned date (within 11:59 PM). All time and date provided are according to Greenwich Mean Time GMT (0) How?

Short Description

There are many places in the urban where it is impossible to built due to lack of space, even there the next generation housing could fit in. The concrete pipe becomes the perfect structure to meet the issues. We are looking for the best design solution that the world is facing like affordable housing, homelessness, rehabilitation shelter,etc under the concept of modular pipe houses.



Link to Competition

Link to Registration form



Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

It is an open competition, inspired designers, architects, students, engineers, etc can make entry.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens May 23, 2019
Registration Closes August 22, 2019
Deadline to Submit Project August 22, 2019
Winners announcement Date September 12, 2019



Location of Competition


Additional Information

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