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Lagos: City of Water Architecture Competition

Small-Banner-for-CompetitionsBlog.jpg Lagos: City of Water Architecture Competition

The Arc. Eddy Eguavoen Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to build sustainable housing for communities in need across Nigeria. The foundation was officially announced on January 11th 2020, one year after the passing of Arc. Eddy Eguavoen, an accomplished Nigerian Architect.
When it comes to architecture competitions that have African contexts, we believe there are not enough competitions that engage the architectural potential and urban fabric of African cities. We as a foundation wanted to create an architecture competition that brings attention to our home city, Lagos, while also bringing attention to the issues low-income communities face.
The purpose of this competition is to engage the creativity of young architects with Lagos (Nigeria) being the context. For the design competition, you are asked to use your creativity to design a building, structure or master plan that helps envision a future for Lagos on water. Your project should make significant use of water space, whether floating, submerged and/or built over water. You can focus on one architectural topic such as affordable housing, sustainable cities or others to act as a starting point for your project. We encourage projects of different scales as we want a large variety of ideas and concepts realized.
Whether your submission is a single building that can be expanded using a modular method or your submission is a self-sustaining community, your project has the opportunity to win. The scale of your project is not a factor that contributes to winning the competition. Instead, the level of detail, development and innovation of your submission will contribute to your project winning. Your project can remain at the concept level, but still present a detailed and developed solution to a problem. The competition is also relatively open in terms of its context. Your project can be based in any part of Lagos, Nigeria whether Mainland Lagos, Lagos Island, Snake Island or Lekki.
We encourage participants to keep the low-income communities of Lagos in mind when starting your project. Their demographic tends to be overlooked when decisions are made on the government level. This is an opportunity to show the leaders of Nigeria the possibilities for these communities.

Short Description

Lagos: City of Water Architecture Competition, presented by the Arc. Eddy Eguavoen Foundation. Prize Pool: €2000.
This competition encourages you to imagine a future for low-income communities on water. Whether a city, small community or a single building, we encourage a range of ideas at different scales. Your project could be a floating structure, partially submerged or built over water.


The Arc. Eddy Eguavoen Foundation

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


1st Prize (International Contestant) – €700
1st Prize (Nigerian Contestant) – €700
2nd Prize – €400
3rd Prize – €200
Founder’s Choice Award
10 Honorable Mentions
20 Finalists

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

The competition is open to students, recent graduates and young architects around the world.
The competition is open to everyone and encourages a series of ideas and projects based on the water space of Lagos. Entry requires a registration fee:
June 10th – Early Registration Begins – €5
June 24th – Normal Registration Period Begins – €12
July 20th – Late Registration Period Begins, Submissions Open – €20

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens June 10, 2020
Registration Closes August 10, 2020
Deadline to Submit Project August 25, 2020
Winners announcement Date September 5, 2020



Location of Competition

Online – International

Location of Project (if developed)

Lagos, Nigeria

Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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