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About this Online Course

Our in-depth course analyzes Autodesk Revit software as it pertains to the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method. The BIM method, or the digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility, is a cutting-edge design method, which minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency in design. Autodesk provides a software called Revit which users can use for CAD and BIM design.

This software strives to meet the needs of architects, mechanical, electrical or hydraulic (MEP) engineers, structural engineers and construction professionals. Our detailed course addresses the approach to Families, basic units of design in BIM containing essential elements, to practically group together potential elements for a project done with Revit.

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This course is divided into three sections and aims to teach everything there is to know about the creation, modification and use of families in Revit; covering the correct use of the three types of families present in Revit, the use of parameters and constraints, and the use of nested families and conceptual masses.

This course is suitable for those who are already familiar with Autodesk Revit and want to make the most of BIM and the aforementioned software. Therefore, we recommend purchasing this course after having already followed our Revit BIM Complete Training Course. The course uses Revit 2020. The course also includes access to an exclusive Facebook group to discuss any clarifications, questions or insights with other students and the instructor.

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