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REVIT MEP Online Course

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About this Online Course

This course will teach you how to design systems using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method through Autodesk Revit software.

Revit MEP is an integral part of the Autodesk Revit suite. Its functionalities allow you to apply the BIM method (i.e. the standardized digital representation of physical, technical and functional aspects of a building and its life cycle) during the design of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.

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This course demonstrates how to design an entire plant through building engineering (via management of spaces, ducts, fittings, unions, drains, etc.) and to process advanced calculations and parameters. Such calculations include loads, the processing of energy parameters and abacus of the ducts.

The course is suitable not only for civil, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers (MEP), but also for architects and construction professionals who need to know how to design building systems internally. This course welcomes both first-time users of the software and those already familiar but want to learn more. Each module is followed by a short self-assessment that helps the student check their progress in learning the features of Revit.

The conversion to BIM technology is an inevitable step in the architectural and construction realm because it involves the digitization of processes and design activities. Since the management of work is revolutionized through this conversion, the purchase of this course will give students a leading edge. The course is registered using Revit 2020.

Registration for the course includes access to a private Facebook group for clarifications, questions or insights to be discussed with the teacher and other students.

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