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PRAM – International Award for the Restoration of Mediterranean Architecture

480x600.jpg PRAM - International Award for the Restoration of Mediterranean Architecture

The award, conceived since its first edition by architect Aldo Imer, formerly at the Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan area of Naples, wishes to propose a critical confrontation between architects, engineers, young graduates and students, but also as an opportunity of meetings with institutions and citizens with the intention of promoting the active participation of debated on the value of coastal territories and the cultural and landscape resources of the Mediterranean.

The main object of the P.R.A.M. is to incentive education for the custody and recovery of cultural and rural heritage of the Mediterranean, meaning as an instrument of development and an important cultural heritage to safeguard; the final aim is also the theme of safeguarding rural areas at serious risk from anthropic and natural causes. Those who elaborate projects capable of linking conservative aspects for the safeguarding of stratified territories, the identity of the sites, the safety of the territory, without neglecting the economic and social development of the local communities.

The Award is yearly and is divided into two sections:
-Section A is open to all professionals registered in the professional register may participate.
-Section B is open to all graduates and/or students independently, singularly or in a group.

In this tenth edition, for 2021, the theme of the competition is:“La Colombaia”, historical home of the director Luchino Visconti (Forio-Ischia)”Project proposal for the restoration of the Villa della Colombaia, for public use of the park and the project for a removable cover for the outside area. The theme of conservative philological recovery and reuse of the Colombaia as a “cultural hub” aims at the formation of cinematic and artistic activity, seminaries, conventions, exhibitions, events, music, theater, art, design, tastings, meetings with a humanistic theme, and international exchanges to bring to light and relive architecture, using a Mediterranean Bauhaus model. The restoration and enhancement of the dwelling must combine the double aspect of redevelopment and preservation, the active conservation of the identity values of the places and the landscape in which the historic factory is located, returning the dwelling to its cultural and social vocation. In this perspective, the reward is offered to the design that is able to grasp the sustainability of local development starting from technical know-how, as in knowledge of architecture and engineering, and from the own balance of the territory and the environment.

Following the choice of the appropriate section, the application for the competition is made in conjunction with the presentation of the project proposal and upon receipt of the payment of the participation fee, in support of the technical costs of managing the files and the relative printing, plus mounting the boards on a rigid support for evaluation by the Jury and for the subsequent exhibition on the occasion of the award ceremony as part of the 2021 cultural event “Torri in festa Torri in luce” at the Poseidon Gardens (Island of Ischia).

In order to participate in the selection by the international jury, 4 types of documents must be submitted, exclusively in digital format (.pdf):

1) Two vertical A1 size boards containing all information and project drawings including planimetric representations/graphic illustrations and render, with the design proposal. Graphic representations must be in .pdf format and suitable to illustrate the project and its relationship with the context, also with perspective views and any realistic photo inserts. The graphs (2d and photo) of the project supporting relief are attached to the bid.

2) Technical report illustrating the guiding criteria for design choices in relation to the objectives set out in the bid and the characteristics of the intervention. The technical report must be drawn up in pdf format, max 3 pages, max 3,000 characters each.

3) Form 01 – Application form, downloadable from the website (in case of participation by a group of professionals, a specific declaration must be submitted and completed by each individual member of the group, with a proxy to the group leader and a copy of valid identity documents).

4) Form 02 – Declaration on data processing and publication and display of the proposal.Except as specified above, the drawing composition is free and must contain all the information deemed necessary for a good understanding of the proposal submitted; the scale ratio will consequently be the most suitable.

The above-listed documents must be submitted (in pdf format) exclusively digitally to the Award Secretary ( [email protected] ) by using a large-file transfer system (no major problems have been encountered with systems such as Yousendit, Wetransfer, Higtail or Jumbo mail by Libero) by 12:00 pm on Friday May 21st, 2021.

The overall size of the digital material submitted must not exceed 1 GB. Failure to meet the deadline, to comply with the participation requirements as listed above, or non-conformity of the documents with respect to art. 5 of this bid constitute grounds for exclusion from the competition by the Judiciary Commission.
Participation in the Award requires the payment of a registration fee necessary to cover the technical costs borne by the Awarding Authority to manage the files, print them and mount the boards on a rigid support for evaluation by the Jury and for later exhibitions.

The Judiciary Commission, appointed by the Awarding Authority, will be composed of expert members, university professors, and renowned industry professionals, whose names will be communicated after the submission deadline has expired.
They will include: no.1 member of the Order of Architects of Naples, no.1 member of the Order of Engineers of Naples, no.1 member of the Cultural Association L’Isola delle Torri, no.1 professor of DIARC (University of Naples Federico II), no.1 member of Icomos.
The decisions of the Committee are taken by majority vote and are unquestionable. The work of the Committee is confidential and a special report about it will be drawn up, signed by all the members and kept by the Chairperson until the conclusion of the said work. The Committee may proceed, during its work, to the exclusion of projects found to be non-compliant with this bid. The Committee has the right to define the methodology of its work.

The winning projects (which will be announced during the award ceremony) will be published on the website www.torrinfestatorrinluce.com/pramThe selection results, with the identification of the winners and the assignment of honorable mentions, will be communicated to all contestants within the first days of June 2021.

All the awarded designers will be hosted on the occasion of the Award Ceremony, to be held (on a date yet to be established) in Ischia, at the Poseidon Gardens, the institutional seat of the Award, during the 2021 event “Torri in festa Torri in luce”.The winning projects, along with those deemed worthy of mention, will be published in a booklet dedicated to the edition of the Award.With the submission of the documents required for admission to the competition, the participants in the Award:- declare under their own responsibility to be the exclusive owners of the copyright to the projects presented;- accept and abide by all the norms established by this bid;- agree to a no-return policy of the material submitted;- authorize the Cultural Association L’Isola delle Torri and the Awarding Authority, sponsors of the Award, to use and publish the documents listed in Art.6, in whole or in part, in hard or soft copy, for any purpose, independently of the Award considered in this bid, as well as for promotional and advertising purposes, as long as the source of the material is cited.It is expressly understood that no compensation for such authorization is provided, and therefore that the participants will have nothing to claim for any reason, including copyrights, as well as for any use that the Awarding Authority may make of the above-mentioned documents; the participants undertake to indemnify the Cultural Association L’Isola delle Torri, the Order of Engineers of Naples, the Order of Architects of Naples and the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) against all disputes, claims or judgments regarding the content of the projects used and disseminated by means of the publications indicated in the previous paragraph.The Award organizers reserve the right to make any variation deemed necessary for the best outcome, including requests for additional material.For information and clarifications:[email protected]/pram

Short Description

PRAM – X EDITION“La Colombaia”, historical home of the director Luchino Visconti (Forio-Ischia)”Project proposal for the restoration of the Villa della Colombaia, for public use of the park and the project for a removable cover for the outside area


Cultural association L’isola delle Torri

Link to Competition

Link to Registration form


Two section prizes will be awarded consisting of:
Section A first place: € 3000,00
Section A second place: € 2000,00

Section B first place: € 2500,00
Section B second place: € 1500,00
Section B third place: € 1000,00

The prizes are been dispensed by the auctioneers: The Order of Engineers of Naples and The Order of Architects of Naples.
The Jury, if deemed appropriate, may select a shortlist and further works worthy of Honorable Mentions.

Type of Competition

Restricted/Has stricter requirements (Is not open to anyone. Has limitations regarding its participants), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

Award applications can be submitted by architects and engineers from the European Union as well as young graduates and/or students in the faculty of architecture and engineering at Italian and overseas universities.
Each individual candidate or group can participate with only one project idea, in the case of the group, members must nominate a group leader who is completely responsible for the Commissioners.
All the group members, with equal qualifications and rights, will be recognized intellectually. Anyone who has participated, in any form, in the preparation of the competition or in any way contributed to the drafting of administrative documents preliminary to the competition, and the attached documents specifically for the completion, or their relatives, are excluded from the competition. Competitors from more than one group, either as a group leader, or as a member of a group, or as a consultant or collaborator are not allowed to participate and would be excluded from the competition.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens March 1, 2021
Registration Closes June 16, 2021
Deadline to Submit Project June 18, 2021
Winners announcement Date July 29, 2021


English, Other

Location of Competition

Napoli, Italy

Location of Project (if developed)

Forio d’Ischia (NA)

Additional Information

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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