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The Design MasterPrize (DMP)

DMP-620-x-380px.png The Design MasterPrize (DMP)

Short Description

The Design Masterprize (DMP) stands as a pinnacle of design achievement, committed to promoting global excellence in the field. This prestigious international award program, akin to its sister organization, the Architecture Masterprize (AMP), emphasizes the influential role of design in a variety of sectors, including product, communication, and graphic design.


Design MasterPrize

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Global Recognition: Attain international acclaim in product design, communications, advertising, digital media, and related fields as we celebrate and reward excellence.

Strategic Promotion: Leverage robust PR campaigns and promotions, amplifying your global presence.

Widened Client Base: Seize the opportunity to be discovered by new clients worldwide, expanding your reach and business prospects exponentially.

Networking: Connect with creative minds across the globe, forging valuable relationships and unlocking new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Team Morale Boost: Elevate your team to new heights with well-deserved international recognition, cultivating a sense of pride and motivation.

Transparent Fees: Unlike other competitions, Design MasterPrize (DMP) ensures fairness by incorporating all winner benefits in the submission fees—no hidden costs.


Best of Best
The pinnacle of achievement at Design MasterPrize (DMP), the Best of Best title is awarded to the top winners in each main category. Recognized and celebrated by the DMP Jury, this prestigious accolade signifies unparalleled excellence in design.

Category champions at Design MasterPrize (DMP) don’t just receive acclaim; they proudly bear the DMP Winner’s logo and certifications. This exclusive recognition marks their exceptional contributions to design, acknowledging their innovative prowess and impact.

Honorable Mention
For entries that shine brightly among their peers, the Honorable Mention distinction at Design MasterPrize (DMP) acknowledges outstanding merit. Although not selected as winners, these entries stand as remarkable examples of design excellence within their respective categories.

Official Entry
All Design MasterPrize entrants receive exclusive Official Entry benefits, acknowledging your creative excellence and commitment to the world of design. It’s a stepping stone towards future success and recognition in the design world.

Type of Competition

Open to the public/Minimum requirements (Open to anyone that complies with the requirements), Single stage (Winners selected immediately)

Who can Participate

Design MasterPrize is open to designers, engineers, and creators worldwide.

You can submit works that have received awards in other competitions. DMP welcomes exceptional designs, regardless of previous accolades.

Dates and Time Frame

Registration Opens
Registration Closes September 30, 2024
Deadline to Submit Project September 30, 2024
Winners announcement Date



Location of Competition

Los Angeles, California, USA

Banner, Poster, Brochure or Triptic of Competition


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