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Competition école des Champeys

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Architecture restricted competition
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Application Submission: March 11, 2013

Prizes: 45.000 € for each selected team.

Type: Restricted projects competition for architects with 4 teams selected. Brief in French

Competition organized by the city of Bonneville that wants to build a school on the current site of “l’école des Champeys”, that currently has a kindergarten area, an area for the elementary school, and a common area, in order to merge school areas. The program requires an affected area of 2400 square meters and an estimated cost of 7 million euros.

The selection criteria of the proposals are:
– Consistency of the project submitted to the program.
– Internal functioning and organization of space.
– Insertion of the project in its urban context and landscape.
– Compatibility with the budget set by the client.
– Quality of the project on environmental aspects.

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