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Competition Cosentino Design Challenge 7

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Submission: June 1, 2013
Registration: Not required
Language: English or Spanish
Location: Concept
Prizes: 6 Prizes of €1.000 each
Type: Open competition architecture students

International architecture competition that aims to encourage student research on different conceptual approaches involving the layout of spaces, materials and the constructive systems that define them, via experimentaion with Cosentino products.

For the 7th Cosentino Design Challenge, International Architecture Competition, the topic is:
“The design of an outdoor kitchen, using a new conceptual approach and using mainly Cosentino materials”
Students may choose the form and surface of the area of action freely.

The design must include:
– “An outdoor kitchen using Cosentino materials”, keeping in mind that Silestone and Eco by Cosentino are not suitable outdoor materials.
– Other non-Cosentino materials (e.g. wood, glass, etc.) may be used to a certain extent.
– The solution of the construction of the space created must be done using as many cross-sections and detailed drawings as necessary.
– Consideration must be given to the feasible production of the design and that it can only be made using flat panels and pieces cut directly from a slab.

The design must explain the solution for an outdoor kitchen and the main facets of this space must be defined


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