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Competition Nidificare i Paduli

Architecture competition
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Submission: June 3, 2013
Registration: June 3, 2013
Language: English or Italian
Location: Lecce, Italy
Prizes: 2 Prizes of €7.000 each.
Type: Open competition for young architects and architecture students

International ideas competition “Nesting Paduli: alternative strategies of living in nature”, for the design and construction of a shelter for the future Biodegradable and Temporary Paduli’s Hotel.

The contest is aimed at selecting two projects and the construction of two “prototypes” of temporary shelter to promote low-cost innovative languages based on the concepts of essentiality, contextualization in the agricultural environment of Paduli, use of existing resources (straw, reeds, soil, leaves, waste wood from pruning, stones, etc.), traditional techniques and focus on the morphology (natural shelter, nest, cave, sinkhole, cave, hollow, tower).

Participants are asked to design and then create a shelter not exceeding 16 square meters of floor area organised in a single or multiple space solution. The construction must respect the principles of self-construction and recycling of natural and waste materials from agriculture, but also convey landscape sensitivity criteria. The overall idea is to aggregate two-users conceived small shelters, lightweight and self-built, to form tiny  villages, replicable for small groups or communities of tourists, students, scholars, ordinary visitors to relax/explore/use/observe the territory

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