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ArtPrize® International Art Competition

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ArtPrize® International Art Competition

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Submission: June 19, 2014
Registration: June 5, 2014
Language: English
Location: General
Prizes: $560,000 in prizes are awarded by public vote and expert jury.
Type: Open competition for architects and architecture students.

ArtPrize® is an international art competition open to anyone over 18 years old who enters their artwork during the Artist Registration period and secures a Venue.

If you won a Public Vote or Juried Award at last year’s event, you must wait one year before entering again.

Travel to Grand Rapids, MI is not required to participate, but Artists are responsible for the installation and removal of their Artwork unless specific arrangements are made with their Venue (see Hosting Agreement).

Eligible Artwork may:

  • Be the work of an individual artist or a team
  • Be any medium
  • Be a single piece, a series, an installation with multiple components, or any other output that can be exhibited in the space agreed upon with the hosting Venue (see Hosting Agreement)
  • Be any size, provided it fits in the space secured in a Venue

Eligible Artwork must:

  • Be shown at a registered ArtPrize Venue
  • Be wholly owned by the Artist or team of Artists
  • Not infringe on third party rights
  • Be entered in the ArtPrize competition for the first time
  • Be titled and voted on as a single entry

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