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Results of: Sea Micro Hotel Ideas Competition 2021

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Organized by:

Concursos AG360

Results Announcement Date:

March 10, 2022


-1st Place – Milano, Italy
Salvatore Centoni
Nadia Centoni
Caterina Folie
Matteo Piano
-2nd Place -Madrid, Spain
Sustainable Flashlight
Javier Martínez Rodríguez
Erik Detisov Ringuer
Arik Detisov Ringuer
-3rd Place – Hermosillo, Mexico
Ana Marcela Pérez Romero
Ramón Lorenzo López Yanez

Honorable Mentions:

Detailed/Aditional Information:

Balandra Beach, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

The Sea Micro Hotel is presented as a real and different option for all those who want to be in balance with the natural ecosystem but with the comfort of modern life.

1st Place – Milano, Italy

Salvatore Centoni
Nadia Centoni
Caterina Folie
Matteo Piano

‘Camping House’

A clean and transparent geometry blends into the Balandra landscape, with a minimal intervention that allows us to “capture the moment” within an abstract threshold, framing the images of a changing landscape in its natural environment.

The Sea Micro Hotel takes as a starting point the 100% contemplation of the beach and the natural resources of the area, with a careful and minimally invasive intervention, maintaining a geometric shape that simulates the camping activity, very common in the region, but with an architectural and aesthetic contribution that attracts even more international tourism.

Website of Competition:

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  • 1-PAC330-A-1.jpg
    Camping House
    First Place
    Salvatore Centoni, . . . Nadia Centoni, Caterina Folie, Matteo Piano
    Milano, Italy
  • 2-VLL100-1.jpg
    Sustainable Flashlight
    Second Place
    Javier Martínez . . . Rodríguez, Erik Detisov Ringuer, Arik Detisov Ringuer
    Madrid, Spain
  • 3-KUY009_L01-1.jpg
    Third Place
    Ana Marcela Pérez . . . Romero, Ramón Lorenzo López Yanez
    Hermosillo, Mexico
  • 4-VDD200_A-1.jpg
    Balandra Villas
    Special Mention
    Germán Sandoval, . . . Kesia Devallentier
    Mexico City, . . . Mexico
  • 5-VHG700-1.jpg
    Balandra Waves
    Honorable Mention
    Johan Camilo Romero . . . Ana Belén Real Juan David Basto
    Bogota, Colombia
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