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Competition Seoul Urban Design 2013

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Students competition
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Submission: July 5, 2013
Registration: April 26, 2013
Language: English
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Prizes: 1st Prize $10.000      2 x 2nd Prize $5.000     3 x 3rd Prize $3.000     4 x 4th Prize $1.000
Type: Open competition for students.

Seoul Urban Design 2013 is an open design competition for students all around the world held at the same time with the 9th International Space Syntax Symposium, which will take place in Seoul from 31 October through 3 November, 2013. The competition will be cohosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Space Syntax Seoul Organizing Committee.

The main goal of Seoul Urban Design 2013 is to gather creative ideas for a site in Seoul, which can bring our attention to the urban issues in the city, from students all around the world. This competition intends to produce versatile and extensive documentation to be used as a basis for the future development of the area. Through this competition, students whoever interested in architectural, urban, and landscape design can explore their design ideas and understand potential effects of their proposals, possibly using spatial analysis as a design methodology.

The theme of the competition is “Toward Urban Integration.” This competition focuses on the eco-friendly regeneration of the expressway, Jemulpo-gil and the adjacent blocks in the west region of Seoul. It seeks inspiring proposals that can re-define Jemulpo-gil and revitalize the adjacent blocks according to a paradigm shift from separation toward urban integration.

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